The Mobile Phone That Can Substitute Your V21

There’s one thing you can’t buy on the internet: quality phones. As with many things in life, the more you pay for something, the better it is. And V21 may prove to be the phone that justifies the few hundred pounds you’d have to pay for it. So what does V21 have that make it so special? Let’s look at a few reasons why V21 is different…

The display is the best on a smartphone. You can’t buy a screen that bright and colourful like the one on the front of the V21. The screen is just as bright, if not brighter than the iPhone 4 and many other smartphones. The brightness is so good on the V20 that even shining a LED light in its face isn’t enough to make it look blit. You can buy a phone with a huge 3.5 inch display but if it’s as bright as the iPhone or as brilliant as the HTC Evo, you won’t be able to tell the difference. So don’t worry, you get all of the power that you could ever want for such a small phone.

The phone runs on thegage – or in short, it’s water resistant. This may sound like some new-age advertisement for an electric eel, but hear me out. The tissues inside the vivo v 21 smartphone aren’t actually water resistant, they’re made from a material that’s specifically designed to resist water. If you drop the phone into water for example, the tissue will absorb the liquid without any harm, which makes it a great substitute for your tissues.

Storage is the best on a smartphone. The vivo v 21 smartphone has a lot of space. It’s one of the largest cell phones you can buy. It has a slot for both SIMs (one each for a major UK network and one for a smaller regional network) and it also has a mini-SD card which allows you to add more storage to your phone. By buying this phone you get excellent sound quality, meaning that you can listen to music or take videos without having to compromise your photos.

The handset also packs a killer dual camera, the vivo has two cameras, namely the Sony Ericsson Xperiaibe Camera and the e3 amoled screen camera. For some people who want to take more than just pictures with their smartphone, this could be great news. The two cameras can be used to shoot video too, which could make the vivo v 21 smartphone even better value for money. This is great news because it means that the handset can act like a miniature digital camera, meaning you get to enjoy the convenience of taking pictures and videos while you’re out and about.

Other smartphone camera features like touch screen capability, wifi capability and wifi access point enable the vivo v 21 to act as a perfect assistant in terms of travelling. By allowing you to connect wirelessly and stay connected to the internet all the way around your college you should be able to use your smartphone as much as you’d like. However, if you want to take more pictures the handset has an inbuilt image processor which allows you to edit and produce stunning images. With this impressive camera the vivo v 21 really is as good as any other smartphone in terms of functionality. Plus, it has a stunning design, which will look fantastic on your wrist. V21