Crompton Sea Breeze: The final Ceiling Fan on your Property

Fans are an important part of any home. They not merely provide rest from the scorching heat but in addition enhance the aesthetics of one’s interiors. In India, Crompton is a trusted brand when it comes to ceiling fans. Among its wide range of fans, the Crompton Sea Breeze stands apart as a popular choice. In this short article, we’ll take a closer go through the Crompton Sea Breeze and its features to assist you decide if it’s the right ceiling fan for the home.

Design and Build:

The Crompton Sea Breeze is made to complement modern home decor. It comes with a stylish metallic finish that comes in a range of colors, including brown, ivory, and white. The fan is designed with high-quality materials, rendering it durable and long-lasting. The blades are constructed with high-grade aluminum and have a broad sweep of 1200mm, rendering it ideal for large rooms.


The Crompton Sea Breeze is equipped with a strong motor that offers high-speed air circulation. It’s a rate of 380 RPM and a maximum air delivery of 205 cubic meters per minute. The fan is sold with three speed settings, enabling you to adjust the speed based on your comfort level. The blades are made for maximum air delivery and minimal noise, rendering it perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Energy Efficiency:

The Crompton Sea Breeze is an energy-efficient ceiling fan. It includes a power consumption of 70 watts, which is lower than other fans in its category. Which means that it can help you save on your own electricity bill while keeping your house cool and comfortable.

Remote Control:

The Crompton Sea Breeze comes with a handheld remote control, rendering it simple to operate. With the handheld remote control, you can adjust the speed and turn the fan on and off from anywhere in the room. This feature is particularly useful if you have high ceilings or if you want to control the fan from your own bed.

Easy Installation:

Installing the Crompton Sea Breeze is easy and hassle-free. The fan comes with a user manual that delivers step-by-step instructions. The fan could be installed on both flat and sloping ceilings, rendering it ideal for any room in your home.


The Crompton Sea Breeze is a trendy and efficient ceiling fan that is ideal for modern homes. Using crompton sea breeze , energy efficiency, and handheld remote control, it provides a cushty and convenient experience. The easy installation and affordable price make it a great selection for those buying a reliable and durable ceiling fan. If you’re on the market for a fresh ceiling fan, the Crompton Sea Breeze is certainly worth considering.